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A smarter way to purchase electricity

Energy costs are rising – that is an indisputable fact, and more and more businesses are looking for additional ways to use, and pay for electricity more efficiently. The introduction of smart meters is helping both households and businesses have more control over their energy usage. Richard Robey, Sales and Marketing Director at Haven Power, looks at what they will mean, long term, for businesses.

Smart meters have been designed to replace existing electric meters. They work in a similar way to an ordinary electricity meter, except they have the ability to read and send electricity readings to the supplier immediately. Crucially, this type of meter communicates directly with the energy company and no longer requires quarterly meter readings, removing the possible confusion of estimated bills.

With the roll-out of smart meters now delayed, has the opinion about them changed, or are they still viewed by the majority as the future of energy consumption management? Many businesses that have been using smart meters over the past few years have found them very beneficial. Smart meter technology allows you to effectively monitor energy use and can help keep costs low. This can be done by monitoring power usage during peak and off-peak hours.

At Haven Power, we offer two smart metering options – available with all of our contracts. The Installation package is a low-cost option for smart meter installation designed to give customers 12 automatic readings a year to ensure payments accurately reflect consumption. The Control package is more comprehensive and lets customers choose to have access to the daily pattern of their electricity usage via the web. With secure access through our website, customers’ recorded half-hourly usage is displayed in a clear pattern for each day enabling them to address unnecessary usage in their business.

Through the use of smart meters, both households and businesses have the opportunity to play a more active role in managing their energy usage. The convenience factor is a major advantage, as we are only too aware of the frustration inaccurate bills can cause. However, we believe in the long-run that smart meters will play a major role in reducing the UK’s carbon footprint and allowing people to reduce consumption and eliminate wastage.



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