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What is a smart meter?

If you’re responsible for the energy supply at your business, you’ll be familiar – to some degree – with your electricity meter. However, this doesn’t mean you find it easy to read; its vast array of numbers (and dials, possibly) may make your life more confusing than it needs to be. That’s why we’ve tried to make some sense of it all, with our simple guide to reading your meter.

Of course, the time for reading these complicated contraptions will soon be behind us: a new breed of device – the smart meter – is set to replace the UK’s existing dial, digital and mechanical meters.

How will a smart meter help your business?

This new generation of smart meters constantly monitors and records your usage automatically. One of the key benefits is that you’ll win back the time that you currently spend on reading your meter, plus recording and sending the data to your energy supplier.

Being smart will also allow you to say goodbye to estimated bills, as the near real-time readings will provide your supplier with accurate consumption data. In turn, this means you’ll receive accurate invoices – and only ever pay for the electricity you’ve used.

Getting a smart meter installed

Getting a smart meter installed is straightforward: simply contact your energy supplier and ask for one! Your provider should then take care of the arrangements and let you know what to expect on the day – the installation should be free of charge and take just a couple of hours.

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